The Best Affiliate Marketing Course of 2019!

The Best Affiliate Marketing Course of 2019!

When you are starting out affiliate marketing journey, you need a strong foundation in order to make money in this industry and survive long term.There are two ways you can do it-

    • Take your time and learn it by trial and error and waste money on errors that could have been easily avoided Or,
    • Join a reputable affiliate courses online that will guide you through the affiliate marketing techniques, tips, secrets and strategies before you venture out on your own.


Around 96% of affiliate marketers fail and quit. Why?

Because a lot of people will just go out there, choose a product and start driving traffic without having any strategic plan and proper foundation for their business. They are set up from get-go to fail. They spend money on trial and error but hesitate to invest on themselves to acquire knowledge and training necessary to succeed in this industry.

I also started out the same way (the failing method) but I was lucky enough to discover this amazing program called The Four Percent Challenge early on, which helped me kick start my business on the right foot. 

This article is based on my personal experience as a member of Four Percent since January 2019. Within this review, you will learn just what the Four Percent Challenge has to offer and how it can help you achieve your goals within your own business, doesn’t matter what niche you are in. Whether you are just beginning your career in online business marketing (affiliate marketing for beginners) or are at your wits end from searching for success, look no further.  The Four Percent Challenge is the program for you!  It has honestly been life-changing for me and started me off on the right foot in the world of affiliate marketing.  As someone who values a steady income and loves to work from home, this program has given me all the tools I needed to kick-off my startup.

Here Is What You Get When You Join Four Percent Success Challenge

    • 30 In-Depth Private Step by Step Training Sessions with a mentor who has around 15 years of experience in this industry.
    • Product selection, traffic generation, marketing, conversions and personal branding skill-sets.
    • Access to wide selection of best products and offers to promote from different industries. 
    • Automated selling machine for portfolio of products which will allow you to earn immediately even if you are just beginning.
    • World Class Mindset training to attract success and abundance.
    • Daily coaching and guidance on exactly what to do each day.
    • Action Items to complete each day so you are never lost or confused.
    • Ability to earn multiple streams of income (MSIs) from portfolio of Four Percent and third party products.
    • Access to Four Percent private community who are always supporting and inspiring each other.
    • Access to Four percent 24/7 support desk.
    • Access in multiple devices. You can watch the training from laptop, phone, desktop or tablets.
    • Accessible to anyone in the world.
    • Ability to learn from success stories of fellow Four Percenters in private interview sessions.
    • HIGHLIGHT– They have recently introduced concept of implementation mastermind which is HUGE. Implementation mastermind is your insurance to make sure you hit your target of at least $10k in sales. We will get into more detail below so keep reading.


Here’s a quick taste of what some of the Four Percenters are saying-

Vick Strizheus - The Four Percent Difference


Created by Vick Strizheus of the Four Percent Group, the Four Percent Challenge is an all-inclusive, online affiliate marketing program designed to help entrepreneurs build their marketing abilities to increase profit by following the guidelines of their three-tier system.  The daily content and digital marketing courses deliver top marketing strategies to either begin or expand on existing revenue, catering to anyone who is willing to commit to the program.

It is a product focused platform and is NOT a BIZ Op! It is focused entirely on providing value to the marketplace through high-quality, in-demand products.

If this sounds a bit confusing, allow me to break it down for you:

There are 3 levels of Challenge. Below is screenshot of dashboard you will see when you sign up for the challenge. You can proceed to next level only when you complete previous ones. 


The 10k Challenge (Level 1)

Level 1 is a 30-day daily program designed with income goal of $10k and is the starting point for all new members. After you sign up for the Challenge, you can begin to take in and digest the online marketing tools that are disseminated in a series of chronological modules that will tell you exactly what to do and give you action items to complete before moving to next module.  You can move on to next module only when you complete previous ones.

For many, this could be an opportunity to earn their first ever $1 online. But for you to truly benefit from everything the program has to offer, each step must be followed carefully; you can’t skip a module!

There are two fee structures for Level 1 challenge- monthly membership fee of $197/month or lifetime membership for discounted price of $457 for limited time. If you complete each module every day, it takes 30 days to complete. However, it can take longer if you don’t complete your action items in one day.

Below is screenshot of the Challenge Level 1 daily modules.

The $100k Challenge (Level 2)

After the first level, comes the ‘$100,000 Challenge,’ where your commitment to the affiliate training course is even more vital to your success.  You can proceed to Level 2 only when you successfully complete the challenge of earning $10k in Level 1. If you are worried about meeting the goal of $10k at the end of Level 1, that’s taken care of by implementation mastermind feature available in each level at no additional cost once you sign up for that level. We will discuss about this in more detail below.

The $1M Challenge (Level 3)

The final challenge, the ‘$1,000,000 Challenge,’ is the last phase of the Four Percent program if you dare to take it, which is the ultimate goal of every entrepreneur who engages in the course. You will unlock this Level after you complete Level 2. Similar to Level 2, implementation mastermind feature is available for this level as well.



Four percent is education based platform. New products and features are continuously developed and improved to meet all educational need of an online entrepreneur.

Four percent has portfolio of paid and free products which you can both use and sell for a commission (no additional purchase necessary) when you become member of Success Challenge. You can even utilize their free programs to add value for your audience and boost performance of your promotions and campaigns.

Portfolio of Four Percent’s free products-

Portfolio of Four Percent’s paid products-


The Four Percent Challenge is unlike other online affiliate marketing programs due to the foundation of their approach that is generally unaccounted for in a ‘get rich quick scheme.’  In addition to the three level system, the building blocks of the course are as follows:

The Success Pills

The modules in all levels are served as “success pills’. These are metaphorical pills which include daily doses of business strategy and valuable information for building success.  There are 30 success pills in Level 1 but you don’t get access to all of them at once. Each pill is designed to be delivered in 24 hours after you complete previous pill. You can not move forward until you complete action items given on that day’s success pill. 

I was skeptical about this at first. I initially wanted to have access to the whole 30 day training up-front. However, once you experience the daily content being delivered, with actionable steps to take each day, you will soon realize that this controlled pace is pure genius– it keeps you motivated and focused on taking action and moving forward every day.

Within these success pills are strategically planned ‘ingredients’ that culminate in a formula that is developed to produce results. The ingredients of the metaphorical pills are listed below!

    • Motivation/Inspiration/Creativity
    • Direction & Goals
    • Automatic-Success Mechanism Enhancer
    • Marketing Genius Activator
    • Strategically Specific Massive Action Booster


The Power of Multiple Streams of Income (MSIs)

The Four Percent Challenge is often referred to as an ‘eco system’ because the back office is an integrator of multiple sources of income from different products and services.

As of this date, Four Percent has 15 different income streams (third party) you will have working for you on the back end without any additional effort from your side if you decide to become their promotional partner. Four Percent system will do the work for you once you sign up for multiple stream of income feature at no additional cost! This is very powerful concept because MSIs can multiply your earnings tenfold by giving you additional means by which to make money, all through the Four Percent platform!

Private Offer Marketplace

Four Percent recently introduced concept of private offer marketplace which gives you access to promote best products and offers that are vetted and hand selected from different industries. This way you can leverage credibility and momentum of other amazing companies; sell their products and earn big commissions. These offers have wide range of commissions up to $5,000 per sale+ residuals. This feature can be an answer to one of the most asked questions by marketers- What are the best offers to promote? Now you don’t have to wonder what to sell to maximize your income.

Automatic Selling Machine

Automatic Selling Machine basically systematize your sales process. When you sign up for the Challenge, you will have access to your personal fully automated selling machine that sells products for you. The machine has multiple streams of passive income built in, pre configured and ready to go.This machine will automatically build your list and does all the selling and converting for you. How cool is that?

Implementation Mastermind

Furthermore, the implementation mastermind is the term given to the safety net that follows you as you walk through each level of the challenge.  If you don’t reach your goal by the end of the levels, you will receive private LIVE weekly mastermind webinar session on YOUR Business. In these sessions, you will work one-on-one with Vick. You will also get to see him working with other students on their business (this is priceless!). All these training sessions are recorded and available for you to watch anytime you want.This way, there is no one left behind by the program as you advance to the next phase of the challenge.

 The Four Percent Challenge is the only online affiliate marketing training of its kind in my knowledge to offer this type of customized support, ensuring the success of each entrepreneur. 


Yes, there are some additional costs discussed below. The Four Percent Challenge does not claim to be the winning lottery ticket of online marketing.

Costs for Basic Tools

The program will recommend some basic tools because in order for you to do things the right way, you will need to have some basic “tools of the trade???. These include an autoresponder, custom funnel builder, and custom tracking system to use for scaling and growing.

These are third party tools and recommended solely because of their relevance and use. The tools recommended are the tools and systems ANY online business owner would need and is not specific to the Challenge only. Even if you are not enrolled in the challenge, you will need these basic tools to scale and grow as online entrepreneur. The program just suggests you get them if you don’t have them already.

Below are various options of basic tools recommended in the program. 

Internet Traffic Mastery

At about session 10, when we start getting deep into traffic generation, the challenge recommends enrolling into one of their course “Internet traffic Mastery??? because mastering traffic generation is one of the most important core skills in marketing. I have enrolled in it and can tell from my experience that it is one of the most powerful traffic course online. However, its optional and entirely up to you to enroll or not.

Internet Traffic Mastery Free Webinar

Button line is- even without buying into the additional resources/tools recommended, the program itself, is complete and will provide you all the training necessary to succeed. There are no annoying up-sells.

The program does not force you into any schemes, and does not come with any obligations.  You will not be advised to purchase anything that is not relevant for your success. You are simply in the driver’s seat when it comes to your own path in affiliate marketing, nothing aside from joining is necessary for success.


In additional to all the amazing features we discussed above, Four Percent provides some additional value-

24/7 Support Desk

The Four Percent Support Desk is available 24/7. I can tell from my personal experience that it’s support desk has one of the fastest response. They are very helpful and go extra mile to help you with any issues- from technical to systems to even helping you with your web designs. I have used them number of times and they have never once disappointed me.

Four Percent Guaranty

As a failsafe, the Four Percent Challenge comes with a full 30-day money back guarantee!  There is no way to go wrong with this safety net in place in the event that you are not four-hundred percent convinced.

Active Online Community

When you join the challenge, you will have access to Four Percent private Facebook community where the members are actively supporting each other’s, sharing ideas and solutions and inspiring one another with their success stories. You can learn so much from other members and you will never feel alone in this journey.



Don’t take my word for it. Sign up for this free webinar with no obligation to buy anything (no credit card needed) and experience it yourself. In this webinar, you will learn how my business partner raised himself from zero to making $11,506 per day in Affiliate Marketing and how you can model this blueprint to start and grow your own highly successful affiliate marketing business, step by step!.

Be sure to claim your million-dollar conversion blueprint on the webinar. The only thing you can lose by signing up is some of your valuable time but the knowledge you will gain there even if you don’t join the program will be worth it.


With powerful supporting features like implementation mastermind, private offer marketplace, automatic selling machines, success pills and power of MSIs along with a world class training, there is no reason for you to not succeed in achieving your goal. The only reason you could fail is if you quit. If you are not quitter, this program is sure to help you succeed. 

This program is so revolutionary because of the way it walks you through each step and holds your hand as you uncover the secrets of successful marketing.  Through a digital framework that encourages self-sufficiency while maintaining transparency, the Four Percent Challenge allows for genuine growth alongside the support of a network of professionals within the community.  Whether you are seeking online business ideas for beginners or are looking to supplement existing measures of online business marketing ideas, this is the course for you.

The Four Percent Challenge is truly the pinnacle of online affiliate marketing courses.  It is affiliate marketing course on steroids! It worked for me, and it can work for you, too!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions/comments/confusions regarding the program at 

You can do it!

Until next time


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