Nisha Pant

Hey there, I am Nisha


Born and raised in Nepal, I began my career in advertising after earning my first Master of Business Administration (MBA) in 2004 by working as a teacher. During my first two years out of school, I taught a number of classes related to advertising, marketing strategies, and consumer behavior to college-level students before pursuing work in an advertising agency. As a relationship manager, I gained my first real experience in the field by overseeing campaigns and advertisements for clients such as Toyota and Standard Chartered PLC, to name a few. But shortly thereafter, I was ready for a change, and decided to move to the United States to pursue my second MBA and greater opportunities.

Arriving in 2007 to begin my studies, I entered the program with expectations of excellence. Having received a number of medals and honors from the King of Nepal, himself, during my first MBA, I was anticipating a successful second degree completion. Graduating in just 18 short months, I was thrust back into the workforce and began my first job in the U.S. as an intern for Unilever. This position only lasted a year, however, as my success within the company was evident and called for promotion. After being an intern for the consumer goods company, I switched fields to work in an oil and gas trading company and fill the position of credit risk analyst (later promoted to senior risk analyst). For almost a decade, I continued working in the position, until I had my first child in January of 2018. That’s when everything changed.

Despite being good at what I did, I could not bring myself to return to work after my maternity leave ended, and I began to seek other options. While researching ways to work from home so that I could be more present in raising my first child, I stumbled upon online marketing and knew that I had found the answer. Having a strong background in marketing, consumer behavior, and advertising, I was confident that online marketing was the right decision for me. So I took the first steps, researching the field, enrolling in training courses, and investing my time and money in my newfound career.

And it came naturally to me. I had always been a quick learner, and it seemed that I had finally found my calling in the world of marketing. For this reason, I excelled in propelling my career forward through commitment and dedication to my craft. My otherwise shy and introverted nature did not stop me from being assertive when it came to my work. In no time, I saw results – higher traffic generation, an increase in email opt-in rates, and more engagement in the advertisements I was putting forth. And it was all because of the procured resources that I utilized to facilitate my success, which brings me to the reason for my website.

I have always had a passion for serving others and sharing the wealth of knowledge that I have accumulated over the years, especially that in which I am invested. I, more than anyone, understand the learning curve associated with starting a career in online marketing, and believe that the vast amount of available information is overwhelming to those new to the field. Enter, my website. Through this platform, I aim to give insights and advice pertaining to online marketing, giving my readers a comprehensive overview of the most important aspects of the field. I plan to provide product reviews, comparisons, and the key features of the most beneficial tools to spare others the time it takes to gather and digest the multitude of resources related to online marketing. I will also provide discounts and promo codes for various products/tools to help aspiring entrepreneurs start their business. 

My hope is that, by helping others achieve their goals and advance their careers in marketing, I, too, will garner success in my own. By presenting my knowledge to the world, I expect to learn from you, just as much as you learn from me. So if you aspire to live a life of financial freedom and join the movement to help others in this same way, embark on this journey with me and let’s unpack online marketing, together!