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Hey there, I am Nisha

 I am an online entrepreneur and founder of I have been involved in marketing and advertising world since 2004. I have taught advertising and marketing in various institutions and have also worked in advertising agency handling clients like Toyota and Standard Chartered Bank among many others.


In this website, I provide marketing tips and hacks, product reviews, comparisons, unique tools that many Entrepreneurs/Marketers are not using and different ideas to earn your living online based on my experience and research to spare others the time it takes to gather and digest the multitude of resources related to online entrepreneurship and marketing. Not only that, I will also provide promo codes and discounts for many important products so you get the best value for your money. These promo codes and discounts are exclusive to  products/tools purchased through


My hope is that, by helping others achieve their goals and advance their careers in marketing, I, too, will garner success in my own. Together we will become The Success Minds of the industry. Welcome to the amazing journey towards success!!

My Bonuses!

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Extra Cash

Explore Extra Cash Page to learn about hobbies you can turn into side income. Everyone loves doing something like reading, writing, photography, designing, playing games etc. In this page, we discuss about resources that can pay you for things you are already doing as your hobby.


In this page, we will show you the tools to automate your process and run your business on autopilot!

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Most people think that email marketing is obsolete and ineffective today. However, statistics show it delivers the best ROI of any marketing channel which is reason enough to start utilizing this valuable tool.

Writing quality and consistent emails is one of the biggest challenges for anyone who wants to utilize email marketing. To help with that, this ebook contains 45+ email templates to help you craft powerful emails. The templates range from welcome emails to automated email campaigns to one-time broadcasts.

About Me

Hi there!

Born and raised in Nepal, I began my career in advertising after earning my first Master of Business Administration (MBA) in 2004 by working as a teacher. During my first two years out of school, I taught a number of classes related to advertising, marketing strategies, and consumer behavior to college-level students before pursuing work in an advertising agency.

Nissi Pant